Tsaocaa Purdue was found on Feb 21, 2020 at West Lafayette IN. 

Our Story of Success

As the story goes - there was a group of people that found it extremely difficult to be able to drink a good cup of pure tea which not only tasted great but consisted of pure/natural ingredients. Therefore, this group decided to make “A Pure Cup of Good Tea” which was similar to pure tea they desired , and they decided to establish a milk tea shop they liked..
Due to their near-paranoid pursuit for pure tea, there seems to be a “Holy Land of Mike Tea” in the hearts of the founders and the team is on the pilgrimage road (Note: The word “朝” in “朝圣” and “朝茶” is “pilgrimage”) thus the brand was named “朝茶TSAoCAA”

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A Pure Cup of


all of our team members are working hard to keep the high-quality stander. All of our tea comes from different Asian countries. After a 60s on-site extraction, handshake with 100% organic milk. Served with our one-hour slow cook brown sugar amber bubble.

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We provide different favor of fruit tea, milk tea, and milk. Serve with fresh fruit and tasty different topping. 

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318 W State St.

West Lafayette IN